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The Family Information Service (previously known as The Family Hub) is happy for you to look around www.familyinformationleeds.co.uk and view the information we have. However, this is only on the condition that you agree not to hold us or Leeds City Council responsible and protect us against damage, loss, or injury for anything you do based on the information.

Although we, and our contributors, try our best, we can not guarantee the accuracy or completeness of the information on www.familyinformationleeds.co.uk. Nor are we responsible for the content of any external website that may be linked from ours.

The website does not organise any of the events or activities listed and you can not hold us responsible for the volume of listings, accuracy of any information, or any thing that might happen to you as a result of acting on the information.

To the best of our knowledge any images featured on the site have written parental permission or permission was not required. We are not responsible for any images which appear on the site, but you may contact us to request their removal. You may also contact us regarding any event or organisation featured on the site which you think should, or should not, be featured onwww.familyinformationleeds.co.uk

The content of the site is managed by Leeds City Council with contributions from the not-for-profit sector and occasionally for-profit organisations who work in partnership with the Family Information Service. This disclaimer also applies to these external organisations.

Parents and guardians accept full responsibility for their children’s safety and quality of experience when acting on any information contained within this site. They should check that they are happy with the activity and provider before attending. We recommend they contact the organiser to discuss child protection policies, insurance cover and suitability of their employees, for example have they recently had a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) or Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) check and do they have the appropriate qualifications needed for the activity like a coaching certificate. You can presume that all Leeds City Council and Family Information Service branded events will have all these items in place.

We welcome feedback from anyone using www.familyinformationleeds.co.uk and you can contact us by emailing family.info@leeds.gov.uk

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