3 Ways you can help the Victims of Domestic Violence

You will be surprised to know how many people are victims of domestic violence in our society. In the US, about 20 people are being physically abused every minute. We see people smiling at work or social gatherings, but little do we know what goes on inside their closed doors. If you find someone who is a victim of domestic violence then here are three ways you can help the person.


Look for the signs

Most of the victims won’t tell you upfront that they are having issues in their family lives. If you see that the person looks depressed all the time, refraining from social gatherings, or missing works then it’s a sign that the person is suffering a form of abuse at home. In such case, you need to talk to that person and know what’s going on. You should be a good listener in this case and allow the victim to open up. Sharing their pain with someone will give them comfort and the strength to move forward.

Don’t blame the person

If your intention is to help the person, then don’t blame him or her. Try to understand the situation from their perspectives. Due to domestic violence, people become mentally weak and their self-esteem gets lower. Your duty will be to make them strong emotionally and improve their self-esteem so that they can come out of this difficult situation.


Give them good advice

You should make the person understand why he or should protest against the abusive behavior of the partner. You should explain why tolerating these things makes the condition worse. You should show them ways so that they can escape from the abuser.

There are different organizations that are helping the victims of domestic violence. But if someone in your neighborhood or family is the sufferer then you should take the first step in helping them.

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