3 Ways you can Reduce the Number of Teen Pregnancies in Our Society

The rate of teen pregnancies is rising. The situation is so alarming that every community must take steps to prevent this unwanted situation. The teenagers are quite rebellious now. They want freedom for everything. The parents find it hard to control their behaviors. Teen pregnancies affect the society negatively and it must be stopped. Here are some ways to deal with it.


Provide sex education at home and in school

Many schools offer sex education to children of ages 13 to 17. They talk about the consequences of having sex and the need to have safe sex. Different contraceptive methods are discussed as well.

Encouraging them not to have sex

It is best to make the children understand that it’s not good to have sex at such an early age. Parents and teachers should discourage the children to have sex. You should tell them about the adverse effect it can have on their health. You can also explain them from religious perspectives. It is important to make the children aware about the sexually transmitted diseases as well.

Make contraceptives easily available

The teenagers should be informed that they need to practice safe sex. They should be encouraged to use contraceptives. The contraceptives should be easily available so that the teenagers don’t find it hard to get one.

Teen pregnancy has a major effect on the children’s life. Their health may be affected and their education is also hampered. These children don’t have the knowledge or maturity to raise a child. We should openly communicate about sex with our children and make them understand the adverse effects of getting pregnant at an early age.