4 Ways Unemployment Affects Family Life

From very young age we are taught to study hard so that we can get a good job. We participate in training programs so that we can improve our skills and get a better job. The job market, however, is very competitive now. Even if you get a job there is no guarantee that you will remain employed for a long time. When you become unemployed your family has to go through a lot of changes. Here are the various ways unemployment can affect family life.


Monthly budget is reduced

Financial crisis is something you face when you are unemployed. You need to cut on your budget for food, travel and other things. You stop doing any unnecessary shopping or restrict yourself from going out with friends. Some people even move to a smaller house to reduce their rental expense.

Both physical and mental health deteriorates

Being unemployed can be very stressful. You have to think of ways to earn money to support your family. You start to spend night after night not sleeping and worrying about getting a job. You don’t focus on the food you are eating. So, unemployment can affect both your physical and mental health conditions.

Relationship crisis

Unemployment leads to financial crisis. You start having arguments with your spouse or partner about money. In some cases, the arguments can get serious and end up in getting a divorce.

It affects children

Not being employed can severely affect the mental condition of children. Their needs are not fulfilled most of the time. They can’t have all the facilities and luxuries their friends have. When the parents get into argument regarding financial matters, the children’s psychology is affected negatively.

Though unemployment can contribute to a number of issues at home, there are ways to support yourself for the time being. There are government welfare programs that can help people overcome this difficult situation.