Donate us

We offer various programs related to childhood development, sexual assault, family violence, etc. We organize seminars to discuss these issues and tell people how to deal with such problems in the community. We provide counseling to the victims of adverse social conditions and help them overcome depression, anxiety and relationship issues. We motivate them and help them to find out their strengths so that they can make informed decisions about their lives.

It takes a lot of effort and dedication to work in such field. Organizing different events require a lot of money as well. As we are a non-profit organization, monetary donations from you all will be highly appreciated. We provide counseling, advocacy, and other services to thousands of families every year. Your donations will be used towards organizing these events.

Why donate?

It is your duty to contribute something good to the society that you live in. You will find many families around you going through different kinds of crisis including domestic violence, poverty, unemployment, etc. By donating us you become part of our mission to help these people have a better life. You will ensure that your neighbors get good counseling services and be part of wellness programs to improve their living conditions.

How to donate?

You can donate as a single gift or use our monthly donation program. There is no specific amount that you need to donate. Donation of any amount is acceptable. You can send us a check or pay cash. If you want to get into the monthly donation program then you can set up a direct debit from your account.

All the donations are tax deductible. We make sure that the donations we get from people are used in the most effective manner. We highly appreciate your contribution to our program.